Hair Transplantation fue method

Hair Transplantation

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 20 April, 2020

Hair transplantation has now become more common among the youth, often to make a style statement. It may not necessarily involve complete balding, but even partial hair loss.

Let's take a look at the facts regarding Hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplanation process

Hair Transplantation is the surgical procedure performed by a dermatologist under local anesthesia to move the hair from the back or side area of the head to the front or any bald area of the head. In other words, to remove hair follicles from one side of the body (donor site) to another site of the body (recipient site). The most important thing is your own hair is transplanted, and an external donor is not needed. The procedure is mainly done for people suffering from androgenic alopecia, both men and women.

Reasons behind Hair Loss

Poor Diet

Hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy

Stop taking birth control pills

Excessive usage of hair styling products


An excessive amount of Vitamin A intake

Vitamin B deficiency

Scalp injuries such as burn etc

Sudden weight loss due to stress

Taking heavy medications such as chemotherapeutic medicines, antidepressants, etc.

Natural aging process

Family heredity and genes

How Hair Transplantation can be performed?

  • Scalp Analysis
  • At an initial step, by analyzing the patient’s scalp, Surgeon discusses their outcomes and expectations. There is one procedure is performed to analyze the patient’s hair density which is known as Postoperative folliscopy thus we can assess the results of hair grafting.

    Some patients are also advised to take some vitamin supplements and Minoxidil topical applications.

    Before Operations, Patients are advised to refrain from certain medicines which may result in Poor grafting or bleeding. Also, they advised quitting alcohol and smoking.

  • Harvesting Methods

  • Hair transplantation is done by giving a mild dose of sedatives and injecting local anesthesia.

    First of all, the Scalp is shampooed and treated with the antibacterial compound.

    There are various techniques for Harvesting. But the most important thing is cutting off the hair shaft from the hair follicle as follicles grow at a slight angle to the skin surface so transplanted tissue must be removed at a corresponding angle. 

    There are basically three methods of Hair transplantation which are Strip Harvesting, Follicular Unit Extraction, and Follicular unit transplant.

    Follicular unit transplant is the traditional method.

    Let’s Take a look at the various methods.

  • Strip Harvesting
  • Hair harvesting
    • This is one of the most common methods of Hair grafting. Here the surgeon starts the procedure by removing the hair from the posterior scalp or we can say removing hair in an area of good hair density.
    • Then the surgeon starts to dissect individual follicular unit grafts which are small, naturally formed grouping of hair follicles from the strip.

    By using a stereomicroscope, they also remove fibrous and fatty tissues to avoid damage to follicular cells need for grafting.

    • Now the surgeon by using very small micro blades or fine needles punctures the receiving site for grafting, placing them in a predetermined density and pattern to promote a realistic hair pattern.
    • This method gives a thin linear scar on the donor site but it is covered by the patient’s hair.

    The recovery generally takes place around two weeks and also require staples/stitches.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation
  • Fue process
    • This is the highly advanced technique of hair transplantation which gives the benefit of natural hair growth.

    It benefits the people who have complete baldness.

    • The procedure involves the removal of a complete hair strip from the donor area where the hair growth is thick.
    • Then the donor area is sutured which gives a linear scar on the scalp.
    • The strip containing hair follicles is divided into grafts and they are placed into the bald area of the scalp by punching tiny incisions.
    • The method costs around 20-40 units per grafting.

    This method has also some of the disadvantages which are as below:

    • The patient may feel itching, numbness on the scalp but is transitory.
    • Temporary hair loss may occur after the procedure but hair grows within 3-5 month
    • Infection, inflammation occurs at the site of surgery of proper care is not taken.
    • Scars may appear at the donor site.
    • It is advised to avoid any form of strenuous activity at least one month after surgery.
    • The recovery period is longer.

                          Some of the advantages are as follows:

    • A large number of follicles can be transplanted in a single session.
    • Cost-effective and less time consuming than other hair transplantation methods.
    • Gives a most natural look 
    • Natural Hair growth is increased after transplantation.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Hair fue treatment
    • This method is completely opposite to FUT as Surgeon extracts the follicular units of hair from the donor site under local anesthesia.
    • The Surgeon uses a microneedle which punches a tiny incision around a hair follicle before extraction.
    • Then the surgeon starts to placing the grafts into predetermined fashion at the receiver site to get the natural hair growth pattern.
    • Generally recommended to patients who want short hair and have a tight scalp or already had a FUT Procedure.
    • This method costs around 35 to 40 units per graft.

    Some of the risks related to this method are as below:

    • Not suitable for patients who have complete baldness.
    • Tedious, time-consuming and expensive procedure.
    • Numbness, itching, swelling over eyes, forehead, and cyst may occur at the receiver site.
    • Temporary hair loss occurs but hair usually grows back in 3-6 weeks.
    • Hundreds of tiny scars at the donor site but it is invisible after the hair growth.

              Now let’s take a look at some of its advantages:

    •  No visible scars are formed at the donor site.
    • Suitable for the patient in the early stages of hair loss.
    • Eyebrow and mustache replacement can also be done with this method.

    Any hair transplantation method, we opt for these are below some of the facts:

    • Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure done by using local anesthesia and the patient can go home on the same day.
    • Every person’s baldness cannot be cured by Hair transplantation as it varies from person to person Hair problem.
    • Also, we can not expect such lustrous, good-looking hair growth after hair transplantation as it depends on the patient’s natural hair quality.
    • Also, the cost is varied based on which method you choose for.

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