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Most popular hair weaving techniques

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 15 May, 2020

Hair weaving has become the latest trend today which is not only limited to celebrities only but even towards the general public. It is also known as hair extensions. It has been used since ancient times. It is a process of hair extension which is commonly known as the artificial integration of hair. This process of hair weaving can add length and fullness to the hair and it can be an ideal substitute for thin hair and covering of bald spots. It generally involves the use of another person’s hair or synthetic strands to complete the need of actual hair on the bald or thinning portion of the scalp. It is a temporary option that involves various techniques of hair weaving. It is an artificial process by which a hairstylist applies the netting, weave, lace fronts, tracking and synthetic fiber to place them on the bald portion by using clips on the other hair by incorporating additional human hair or synthetic hair fiber.
Hair weaving is not a new technique of substituting thin hair or bald spots and it has been seen that ancient Egyptians like Cleopatra has used hair weaving to enhance her appearance. But over the years hair weaving techniques have significantly improved. The most common hair weaving techniques which are often used are :

  • Bonding
    This technique can help in adding more volume to the natural hair. It involves the use of a special adhesive and tracks of hair are glued to the hair roots of the head. But to prevent any kind of hair damage the tracks are removed in a few days. Wigs are another popular bonding form that is commonly used as a cheaper and easier alternative.
  • Sewing in/Tracking
    In this technique, the natural hair tresses are initially braided into cornrows or braids, which are commonly referred to as ‘track’. For obtaining a specific tracking pattern, the weave comprises few tracks. Also, the complete head is needed to be braided for getting a full head weave. Sewn or net covering is used for a full braid weave. Then extensions are sewn to the full braids, with the tracks which generally depends on the desired look someone prefers.
  • Fusion
    This technique results in the most natural-looking and versatile hair weave. A machine is generally used to glue the artificial hair to the natural hair and the glue is heated. Thus, it gives a very natural look to the hair. But it also involves significantly more risk of hair loss and damage because of the heat and can cause skin burn and therefore, it is not as popular hair weaving technique as compared to bonding and tracking.
  • Net Weaving
    Net weaving is another alternative hair weaving technique. This technique usually involves the braiding of natural hair and an enclosing thin film of the net is used on the braided hair. In this technique, nets have wefts woven in them which keeps the natural hair safe from any damage.

There are several benefits of using hair weaving techniques. It helps in increasing the volume of thinning hair and extending the length and texture of the hair as desired by someone. Also, it serves as an ideal substitute for thin hair and covering hair loss. It is much safer and cheaper than opting for other surgical hair treatments such as hair transplants and grafting. Moreover, It is preferred as it does not have any impact on the natural texture of your hair and it is easier to maintain and can be removed and used. It is a very good method for experimenting with new hairstyles and hair colors without damaging the natural hair.

The major disadvantages of hair weaving are the damage that can be caused by the natural scalp. The adhesive which is generally used for hair extension dries up and tangles with the natural hair. Also, the hair weaves need to be kept under good conditions or they can smell bad and cause scalp infections. In rare cases, hair loss has also been associated with hair weaving.

Therefore, hair weaving is a cost-effective, easy to maintain alternative solution for hair thinning and hair loss with minimal side effects.

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