daily hair care routine for all hair types

The eight essential steps of your daily hair care routine

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 02 December, 2019

The eight essential steps of your daily hair care routine

If only you could summarize proper hair care in just a few words! I mean, people write thick books on hair care. So, I will just summarize what hair care experts think to be a solid, healthy hair care routine.

1. Check your hair type:

Most hairs fall into these three types – dry hair, thick hair or thin hair.

2. Use the correct comb:

A wide-toothed comb and a boar bristle brush are generally advised for all types of hair. Gentle strokes only. Keep your brush clean.

3. Shampoo:

You must shampoo for oily hair. Do not use a shampoo that has plenty of moisture or intense hydrating properties. You may just use a purifying shampoo (popularly known as “detox” and deep-cleansing” shampoo) will do. For normal hair, and gentle shampoo that can keep the moisture balance intact will do. Do not shampoo your hair with hot water because hot water will drain all moisture/essential oil from your hair. Use lukewarm water instead. Also, you need not shampoo the whole length of your hair. Instead, focus more on massaging the shampoo gently on to your scalp where the concentration of oils and dirt is higher.

4. Hair Oil:

Do not use too much hair oil, it brings much trouble. Hair oil works by penetrating the hair shaft, delivering hydration and thus preventing hair damage.

5. Hair Massage:

A warm oil massage is said to be more beneficial than a cold oil massage as the heat can facilitate blood circulation. This, in turn, helps increase nutrient supply to hair follicles. Remember, the hair also absorbs the oil better when it is warmer. Do not overheat as it can destroy the nutrients.

6. Drying your hair:

Use a microfiber towel — Hair care experts suggest that micro fabric towels will be the least harmful to your hair.

7. Cutting and trimming hair:

Your hair needs trimming when there’s damage at the end — if hair breaks or if there are split ends, trimming can be a veritable solution. How often you want to trim your hair will also depend on what your hair goals are.

8. The right foods for hair care:

Certain nutrients such as protein, Vitamin B12, biotin, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and Vitamin E are good for promoting hair growth.

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