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There are no quick shortcuts to healthy hair

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 02 December, 2019

There are no quick shortcuts to healthy hair

Do not believe in the ads for shampoo. Do not believe in what your relatives and friends say about that magic hair care cure.

The rule is: All good things come to people who wait and persevere. So, you will never get thick black hair in one month. It will probably take almost 3–4 months of dedicated hair care and healthy daily hair care routine to notice the difference.

I have already written about a good daily hair care routine in our previous post. Just adding some more useful hair care tips:

1. Brushing your hair properly:
  • Do not brush your hair when it is wet and do not brush your hair directly from the roots. Start with the tips.
  • Don’t brush your hair more than necessary.

For people with curly hair:

  • Use your fingers or a paddle brush while your hair is wet.
  • Do not brush wavy or curly hair once it’s dry.
  • Use a paddle brush and then a round brush when you are blow-drying your hair.
2. Treat your hair as if it was so expensive. (It is! Ask bald people)
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week (How does exercise help with hair care? When you exercise, the sweat opens up the pores in your scalp and helps to flush out all the toxins that are harmful to the hair.)
  • Drink lots of water (Did you know? Water makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair.)
  • Eat healthy food like nuts, green leafy vegetables, etc. (Good vegetables provide essential nutrients including protein, vitamins, and minerals to supply the hair with all that it needs to remain shiny, lustrous and strong.)
  • Take lost of protein-rich food daily – if you are non-vegetarian, eat 1–2 eggs per day or chicken. If you are a vegetarian, eat sprouts. Proteins help in hair growth. (Did you know? The human hair is made out of tough, fibrous proteins like keratin that help keep it strong.)

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