Alopecia and its treatments

Alopecia and its treatments

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 08 April, 2020

What is alopecia?

Alopecia is a hair loss related condition in which hair typically fall out in round patches. If you have seen a lot of hair fall on your pillow, brush or shower drain or if you notice some bald spots on the head then you might be suffering from some Hair problem. It is one of several different types of autoimmune diseases. This is an autoimmune disease known as Alopecia Areata. in which your own immune system attacks your body. Here the hair follicles are attacked thus you can observe the hair falls out suddenly and affect only a limited area. The amount of hair fall occurs is vary from person to person. Some person gets back their hair but again start falling and in others, hair grows back for good.

What are the early signs of alopecia?

The major symptom of Alopecia is Hair loss. The person experiences hair fall on the scalp might occur on eyebrow, beard, eyelashes affect the whole body.

The hair fall with alopecia is unpredictable as it starts spontaneously.

Types of Alopecia

Some people might experience more extensive hair loss. This is usually a sign of another kind of alopecia, such as:

  • Alopecia Totalis that is the loss of all hair on the scalp
  • Alopecia Universalis, If Hair loss affecting the entire body then it is called Alopecia Universalis but these are the rarest condition.


What causes Alopecia hair loss?


This is an autoimmune disease where hair follicles are attacked and become smaller and stop growing hair.

There are certain factors like a family history of autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, thyroid, vitiligo, and rheumatoid arthritis that might be contributing to the Alopecia. Also, some environmental factors affect the people who are predisposed to genetic diseases.

Alopecia treatment

Can Alopecia Be Cured? There is no cure for alopecia but there are various treatments are available which help to slow down the disease or growing lost hair quickly. But also for some people, the problem may be worsening despite the treatment.

These are the following types of treatments are included:


Topical agents for hair growth


  • Minoxidil is the OTC product and applies on the scalp, eyebrows, and beard. But this takes a long time to see results. Side effects of Minoxidil severe allergic reactions (e.g. rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing & Swellings.
  • Anthralin this drug causes irritation on the skin to stimulate the grow back hair.
  • Corticosteroid drugs such as Clobetasol works by decreasing the inflammation of the hair follicles.



  • Steroid injections are given into the bare skin of the affected area through tiny needles. The treatment needs to be repeated once every one to two months to grow back hair. But it does not present any hair fall from occurring.

Oral Treatments 

  • Cortisone tablets are available for severe alopecia but it has side effects so better to consult the doctor before starting the treatment.
  • immunosuppressants drugs such as methotrexate and cyclosporine also are used as it works by suppressing the immune system’s response.Due to the risk of extensive side effects such as high Bp, Kidney infection and lymphoma, the person can not opt for the treatment for a long period of time.
  • Red Light therapy


Alopecia natural treatment

  • aloe vera drinks and topical gels
  • onion juice apply on to the scalp but if Anyone allergic to onions should not use onion juice on their hair.
  • alopecia remedies head massage with essential oils like egg oil seems to be a very good natural remedy for hair growths also tea tree, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint, coconut, Caster oil. 

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