hair growth stages

Hair Growth Cycle

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 30 December, 2019

Hair means the luminous thing for all women. Long, healthy and lustrous hair is the dream of every woman as well. They feel very confident if they have such good looking hair regrowth.

Basic Structure of Hair

hair follicle

Hair is the filament made up of a tough protein called Keratin.

The hair is divided into two main distinct parts:

  • The part of the hair beneath the skin is called hair follicle and it is called a living portion of the hair. The follicle is the tiny bundle of muscle fibres known as arector pili.Also, the follicle contains the sebaceous glands which produce the sebum.


  • The root of the hair is called a bulb from where hair cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft.Blood vessels give nourishment to the dividing cells and provide hormones to stimulate hair growth.


The hair shaft is divided into three regions:

  • Medulla: Innermost, unstructured  region of the hair 
  • Cortex: this is the middle region of the hair which provides mechanical contains melanin which gives the colour to the hair.
  • Cuticle: This is the outermost part of the hair strands and made up of dead cells. Gives strength and protection to the hair shaft.


There are four different stages between hair starts to grow and to fall out.

Hair stages anagen catagen telogen

Anagen Phase

This is the very first stage of the Hair growth cycle and also known as the growth phase.

During this stage, cells start to divide rapidly, results in dead cells are pushed outside to hair bulb where it gets keratinized and thus hair starts to grow.

The stage usually lasts for 2 to 7 years and also 80-90% of the hair follicles are in this stage at any given time.

The phase is influenced by many factors such as nutrition, genetics, age, and overall health.


Catagen Phase

After the growing phase, the transitional stage comes and it lasts for 2-3 weeks.

In this phase, hair follicles get shrunk and stop growing thus results in there is neither hair grow nor hair falls occur.

Just hair strands get firm for a few weeks.


Telogen Phase

This is known as the resting phase. Here the hair follicles rest before entering into the anagen phase.

In this stage, mature hair starts to falling out and new hair grows from the hair follicles thus also known as the falling period.

In some people, this stage starts too early and stays for a longer time thus people suffer from noticeable hair thinning. If the hair fall is too severe, it is called Telogen effluvium in medical terms.

Always nourish your scalp by opting for good habits.


Exogen Phase

This is the extension of the resting phase.

During the stage, hair shafts start to fall out and stimulate new hair growth. Around 50-100 hair strands shed out which is normal.

Try to make your scalp get nourished by healthy food and try to avoid negative triggers such as stress, smoking, environmental toxins, etc.


By understanding the regular pattern of hair growth cycle helps to determine the underlying causes of hair loss.

Hair growth massage scalp massages will increase blood flow to your hair follicles. In fact, all massages will increase blood flow to the massaged area of the body.

Use a scalp massaging brush. As with the Egg oils, you can do this with a scalp massaging brush as well. It’s still a good idea to perform the process with your fingers

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