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  • 06 September, 2021

Let’s be honest, we have all coveted the idea of having long, silky hair that shines brighter than the sun and flows perfectly in the wind. Achieving the dream of flawless hair is probably just a dream for most people. Waking up and having that perfect hair day every day might seem impossible, but what if we told you that it’s very simple. The journey towards healthy hair begins at the little junction called scalp health. Irrespective of the treatments and the styling tools with which you torture your hair, if your scalp is not healthy, it will reflect the quality of your hair. There are certain changes and habits which you must adapt to ensure your scalp is healthy. Don’t fret! We have researched for you so that you can begin your journey towards a healthy scalp and hair.

  1.  Nourish your hair

    It cannot be overstated how important it is to have healthy hair from the inside out. To feed your hair, you should eat enough fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. If you have trouble eating veggies, making a fruit and vegetable smoothie is a quick and pleasant way to get your daily dosage. This will provide nutrition to your hair follicles, allowing each hair strand to grow. Additionally, use a tonic that provides your scalp with the nourishment it requires externally. Eyova Egg Hair Tonic is a rich source of biotin and Omega 3 & 6, which help enhance your scalp health!

  2.  Eat your vitamins

    When it comes to maintaining your hair and scalp, a vitamin supplement is quite beneficial. If your hair isn't growing, it might be because you're deficient in critical vitamins and healthy fats. A daily vitamin supplement will work in conjunction with your diet to replace any nutrients you may be lacking and encourage healthy hair development.

  3. Don’t Over Heat

    Using styling tools works wonders to make you appear amazing, but it is ultimately damaging your hair and scalp as well. Refrain from using styling tools or else use a hair product like Eyova Egg Hair Tonic which reverses the damage from heat and also protects your scalp by nourishing it.

  4. Keep your scalp clean

    We shouldn’t even be saying this! The process of achieving healthy hair involves proper care and ensuring that your scalp and hair are clean. The dirty scalp can lead to clogged pores and follicles which leads to hair fall and dandruff. How frequently you wash your hair is entirely up to you, depending on your daily activity (maybe you work out every day), the number of natural hair products you use, and so on. However, you must include a tonic in your regime. Eyova Egg Hair Tonic is the perfect addition! The deep conditioning properties of the tonic enhance the health of your scalp and is suitable for all hair types.

  5. Massage the scalp

    A relaxing scalp massage every few evenings will stimulate the hair follicles and
    increase blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy development. You can deeply massage the scalp with a tonic a few hours before your hair wash. Eyova Egg Hair Tonic contains cholesterol and antioxidants that help nourish the scalp. You can also massage your damp hair after detangling it after a shower. Apply a hair mask for additional moisture and protection.

    The fact of the matter is that maintaining a healthy scalp is very important. Apart from these habits, also inculcate chemical-free products in your hair care regimen.Eyova Egg Hair Tonic is a natural solution that simplifies hair care by providing you with all the nourishment in one bottle! Go take care of your scalp and have a good hair day, every day!

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