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How to stop hair fall?

  • By - Justin Thomas
  • 30 March, 2020

How to Stop Hair Fall?

There is hardly any man or woman in this world who will claim they don’t suffer from hair loss, premature baldness or any other hair problems.

First of all, people keep on using regular coconut oil on their hair thinking, “MAYBE this MIGHT stop my hair from falling”. The truth is nothing can stop your hair fall however, you can prevent excessive hair-fall.

What are the reasons for hair fall?

People are losing their hair nutrition from ‘n’ number of reasons, all types of age groups combined.

What is that one main reason? Are we not maintaining our hair? Not looking after ourselves? Maybe we are just too busy that we don’t focus on anything except work?

Yes, all of these are true. There are important reasons for hair fall.

The four key reasons for hair fall are:

Reason # 1. Stress: Stress is a scourge of modern life, from a school-going child to a working grown-up everybody is stressed.

Reason # 2. Chemically induced products: We use chemically induced products every day on our hair and that makes them weak from the roots.

Reason # 3. Overuse of styling products like straightening iron, curling iron, hair dryer which tends to destroy the hair health.

Reason # 4. Pollution: Pollution is Thanos of modern life, it snaps health problems, asthma, and what not and also, it destroys the overall health of the hair with all the dirt and dust being infused in our hair.

The four best hair loss remedies are:

Healthy hair reflects on your overall health and helps boost your confidence. Some simple hair care tips can make all the difference in boosting your hair health.

Remedy # 1. Use natural shampoos and read the ingredient list carefully before buying the shampoo if it contains any sulfur, avoid the products since sulfur is harsh on hair.

Remedy # 2. Try not to use styling products like hair spray, straightening or curling iron, there are natural ways to straighten and curl your hair, watch youtube videos related to naturally straighten and curl your hair.

Follow the below links for some tips to curl your hair without heat.; ;

Remedy # 3. You need to feed your hair with all the good and healthy nutrition – most importantly, plenty of protein and iron foods.

Remedy # 4. Use egg oil instead of regular coconut oil since egg oil is densely packed with nutrition and proteins, such as biotin, vitamin A and vitamin D and egg is supposed to be a super food for your hair and this nutrition package cannot come in regular coconut oil.

Last, but not the least, don’t fall for the commercials shouting “NO HAIR-FALL”, “DO THIS AND YOUR HAIR WILL STOP FALLING”.

Just focus on keeping yourself healthy and follow the above tips for hair growth.

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