Egg yolk for hair growth

What are the benefits of applying egg yolk on hair?

  • By - Eyova Hair Oil
  • 23 November, 2020

For ages, eggs, especially the raw variety have been used as a hair care solution on the scalp and hair strands. This is an old method of hair treatment, where the components of eggs were used  for luster and growth. To make this method more effective and less messy, we recommend the use of Eyova.

Home remedies for best hair treatment:

Passing on from one generation to the next, many ideas have been told by grandmothers and others for quality maintenance to scalp hair. Home remedies for hair growth have been well-practiced in many Indian families. You must have also tried some of these remedies from your elders to make the tresses look bouncy, smooth, and without grey hair. Important ingredients like polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants are considered essential for good quality growth of hair.

Using Eyova egg oil for best hair treatment:

Among the different home remedies for hair growth, the ones using eggs have been particularly effective. The modern-day solution, Eyova hair oil that we provide is simply an extract from the eggs in its raw form. Eyova Egg Oil can be applied on the scalp for multiple benefits of the hair and scalp. With the availability of many types of nutrients extracted from eggs, Eyova provides wholesome benefits for hair care and scalp maintenance.

Egg oil offers multiple benefits:

When you apply the egg hair oil on your scalp and hair strands, the work begins with the protection of the hair strands from drying and inflammation. The rich oil penetrates into the epidermal layers of the scalp, where all hair follicles reside and rest. As a result, you can get multiple benefits such as prevention of dandruff, smoothening of the scalp, rich luster, and thick hair formation. The polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutritious components help with hair growth by providing nutrition to the strands, as well as to the follicles. There is also additional protection from hair damage and hair loss with fatty oil and deep nutrition. All these actions in a united manner help with the growth of the hair strands making the roots stronger and healthier. With its tested effects, Eyova proves its mettle to be the best natural form of hair treatment with many additional benefits.

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Eyova - Easy to use hair oil Providing home remedies for hair growth:

Since fatty components, antioxidants, and lutein in Eyova are similar to that of eggs, it acts almost in the same manner as the home remedies, without their odour and mess. Using this egg-extract oil can offer you direct benefits of raw eggs if applied to your scalp for hair nourishment. The root hair not only becomes healthy but more importantly, roots get get adequate nutrition and grow in a much better manner. With the rich components and antioxidants, the aging process is halted, only to revive happy healthy hair.

Try now and wave goodbye to all your hair problems! We assure you of the effects!

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