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  • Hair growth
  • Stop Dandruff
  • Treat hair fall
  • Control Hair
  • Strengthening
    the roots
  • Improve the scalp
  • Improving hair
  • No Egg Smell

Customer Reviews

Deepak Kaushal - Verified Purchase

What an amazing product has been using it from past 3 weeks and I can clearly see results, my dandruff is vanishing, my hair has turned out to be so smooth, and most importantly my hair fall has been reduced, A must product for keeping your hair healthy.

Shazia - Verified Purchase

My hair falls control in one application.i would like to suggest the best remedy for hair fall.

Ali Shaikh - Verified Purchase

very effective oil, my hair became thick, and my hair falling stops. This oil improved the quality of the hair.

Nilam Utekar - Verified Purcha

This oil is very effective for hair growth and reduces hair fall. I am using this from last few days. Good Product.

kaushiga - Verified Purchase

It’s really working… I have bought many other oils but they didn’t work but I found this product effective as after two weeks of use I started observing changes in my hair, this reduces my hair fall and made them soft and shiny.

Ransome - Verified Purchase

A really amazing product. Never thought this oil would work so well. Also, hair fall has reduced.

JAFFY - Verified Purchase

I really love this product as it nourishes my hair and prevents hair damage. Must buy this product and use per instructions for best results. I personally use it 3 a week and my hair fall has decreased, hair is soft and manageable.

Meghasi Bhatt - Verified Purchase

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and have noticed a considerable improvement in the quality of my hair. For those people who don’t like the smell of eggs, I would like to reassure you that the product has a pleasing fragrance.

Shashank Rane - Verified Purchase

The product is very effective. The product contains egg but didn’t stink. Five stars from me. Also found this oil very effective against dandruff and hair growth.

Abhishek Nachankar - Verified Purchase

Using for the last two months, it helps me reduce my hair fall problem & reduce dandruff. Worth buying!!

Akshay Dalvi - Verified Purchase

It’s a great product. The oil is effective for hair-fall and makes your hair smooth after usage.

Lohith Reddy - Verified Purchase

Good product improvements can be seen from the very first use.

Aishwarya - Verified Purchase

It is a miracle product which made my hair really soft and shiny. By now I have already used 3 bottles. It also helps in hair growth and keeps hair nourished from root to tip.

Ashi Dewan - Verified Purchase

Out of 600+ products which claim to stop hair fall (not that I tried them all; but enough to be dejected) this is the only product which actually works! Noticed the disappearance of dandruff & reduced hair fall after a month. But the real magic was after five months when the grey hair started disappearing. I for one am completely hooked for life.

Ashi Dewan - Verified Purchase

I just got my 2nd bottle yesterday. I haven’t seen any new hairs but yes excess hair fall has stopped. It definitely is a good product.

Jhuma - Verified Purchase

It is a miracle product which made my hair really soft and shiny. By now I have already used 3 bottles. It also helps in hair growth and keeps hair nourished from root to tip.

Gunjan Poptani - Verified Purchase

I am using this hair oil from past few months n it really works well. I can feel the difference on my hair now..happy to purchase it and will highly recommend.

Anne Bradley - Verified Purchase

While the results are not visible in the first month, use it for over three months and there is no going back ever to ANY other hair care product.

Santhi Kannan - Verified Purchase

After reading the reviews I bought and started using it for 2 weeks. My hair became soft and manageable. it is bouncy and voluminous. definitely, I am going to add it to my daily hair care routine.

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